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Wake Up

It was a gloomy November night and Cavan was home alone. The dog had already barked a few times when…

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The air above the asphalt shimmered like a cliché. It was stuffy in the car and smelled of Boon, but…

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Bus Encounter

5:32 a.m. Hannes drove the school bus out of the depot seven minutes later than usual. Just because the left…

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When She Knocks

Cavan sat in the tiny kitchen staring at the half empty can of beans in tomato sauce and the crusts…

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The porter lowered the pastrami sandwich and hastily swallowed the last bite, as Ferguson exited the elevator. “On time as…

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The Day After

“Sir… Sir… You can’t sleep here.” Something hard hit me in the shoulder. I opened my eyes. The dream of…

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Der Fahrraddieb

Eins – eins – eins. Als das Schloss an seinem Fahrrad klickte, wachte Levi auf. Es musste reiner Zufall gewesen…